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Links to the lab pages can be found below; each of the lab pages includes a description of the Lab and the Old-School Homework (OSH). Questions for both online and paper submission can be found on WeBWork. Both components are due on the date shown below. The paper component should be handed in with Lab and OSH questions stapled together.

For examples of how to write up your work, check out the "Communicating mathematics - examples" page.

Lab Assigned Due
Lab 1: Graphing a simple function Mon, Sept 10 Mon, Sept 24*
Lab 2: Numerical calculation of derivatives Mon, Sept 24 Mon, Oct 1*
Lab 3: Fitting a straight line to data Mon, Oct 1 Mon, Oct 15*
Lab 4: Newton's Law of Cooling Mon, Oct 15 Mon, Oct 22*
Lab 5: Euler's Method Mon, Oct 22 Mon, Oct 29*
Lab 6: Newton's Method Mon, Oct 29 Wed, Nov 14*
Lab 7: Probability, sampling and genetic drift Mon, Nov 19 Wed, Nov 28**

*For Section 105, which meets on Tuesday and Thursday, the webwork part of the labs will be due on Monday (as specified on webwork). The written part is to be handed in on the next day at the start of class.

**The due date for Lab 7 is on Wednesday to ensure that the markers have time to do their work before the end of classes as they are only employed through the end of classes. We have switched the deadline for WedWW-12 to Nov 30 so you don't have everything due on the same day.

Lab Times

21:20, October 30, 2012 Despite the potential of job action by the TA union, as of this time and as long as this note remains in place, the lab hours will remain unaffected. The lab is open as usual. Any change to this situation will be posted right here.

Before September 23rd, you should attend the lab section (e.g. L1A) assigned to you. You will receive your password and a brief introduction to the labs. Starting from September 23rd, the assigned lab sections are not needed anymore. You can come to the lab in LSK 121 at any of the following times:

Day Times
Tuesday 8-9am, 3-4pm
Wednesday 1-3pm
Thursday 2-4pm
Friday 11am-noon

Spreadsheet software

We shall be using spreadsheets throughout the labs. Any recent spreadsheet software that you have, should be able to do the work required for the labs. The computer labs do include Excel 2007 and the instructions for the labs will be provided for that version, it will be up to you to make the slight adjustment so that it works with your preferred software.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Microsoft's Excel The classic option.
  • OpenOffice An open source (and free) version of an office suite that includes a spreadsheet program.
  • LibreOffice A fork of OpenOffice (remains free).
  • NeoOffice A 10$ version of OpenOffice for the OSX.
  • Apple's Numbers An option that will also work for iOS devices.
  • If you've taken Math 102 before, math sheet was probably the spread sheet that you used. It is still an option if you want to use it.
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