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Instructor information

Instructor: Tyler Helmuth
Email: jhelmt@math.ubc.ca
Phone: 604 862 0617
Office: Inaccessible, unfortunately!
Office hours: M 9:00 am-10:00 am LSK 300B, W 9:00 am-10:00am LSK 300B

Additional Information and Resources

  • Office hours are also available by appointment -- send me an email to arrange a time.
  • Check out the MLC (Math Learning Center), where you can get free tutoring.
  • Still have questions to ask? Try the Piazza webpage for the course, where you can post and answer questions about the course. This webpage is for students in all sections of Math 102 this semester. Try answering questions your peers have asked -- seeing if you can explain a concept or calculation is a great way to test your own understanding!

Important dates

  • Sept. 18 - Last day for W-free withdrawal from the course.
  • Oct. 4 - Midterm I, 6 pm
  • Oct. 8 - Thanksgiving Day. University closed.
  • Oct. 12 - Last day for withdrawal from the course with a W.
  • Nov. 6 - Midterm II, 6 pm
  • Nov. 12 - Holiday in lieu of Remembrance Day. University closed.
  • Dec. 14 - Final exam, 3:30pm

Course policies

  1. REDIRECT Math 102/Course policies

Section-specific policies

Re-marking requests

If you feel that a returned homework assignment or midterm is incorrectly marked, you can appeal that mark by writing a note that details your concern, attaching it to the assignment, and resubmitting it to the instructor with one week of the return of the marked assignment. The note should include a summary of what you feel was incorrectly evaluated with some justification of the claim.

Class etiquette

Cell phones, laptops, and other devices should be turned off during class, with the exception of assistive technology.

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